Julie Benz

Real name: Julie Benz
Nick name: Unknown (update information →)
Date of birth: 1 May 1972
Place of birth: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Height: 5' 4
Weight: Unknown (update information →)
Father: Unknown (update information →)
Mother: Unknown (update information →)
Fan mail: Unknown (update information →)
Sex: Unknown (update information →)
Nationality: Unknown (update information →)
Education: Unknown (update information →)
Profession: Unknown (update information →)
Eyes color: Unknown (update information →)
Natural hair color: Unknown (update information →)
Astrology Sign: Taurus
Residence: Unknown (update information →)

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Julie Benz quotes

And for me to now be in the voiceover world, where they love an interesting, quirky voice... It's been in a way freeing for me, and it's also been forcing me to find different levels to my voice.

And I had never played an evil character before up until that point so I wasn't exactly sure what I was going to do as far as the acting choices were.

And I'm not very coordinated, either. Only on ice skates, not in real life.

At one point, one of the dressage trainers thought I was actually my stunt... (more Julie Benz quotes)

Julie Benz trivia

She auditioned for a role in the film Eyes Wide Shut but when the call back audition required her to be topless, she decided against it.

In 2001, Julie was featured in a Promo on The WB for her work on

She will be starring in the Lifetime TV movie "Circle of Friends" which wrapped up filming on May 10th 2006.

Julie Benz is the voice of character Miranda Keyes in the game Halo 2.

Julie appeared in the movie Jawbreaker as Marcie "Foxy" ... (more Julie Benz trivia)

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Halo 2
After the events on the Forerunner ringworld Halo, Master Chief SPARTAN-117 returns home to Earth with the AI construct Cortana. The war with the Covenant forces is still not going well, despite the destruction of an entire fleet at Halo, but the Master Chief needs a refit. Armed with the Mjolnir Ar...

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A Fate Totally Worse Than Death
Danielle (Julie Benz) is the leader of a clique of arrogant, mean high school girls; she and her rich friends Tiffany (Nicole Bilderback) and Brooke (Monica Keena) care only about their pampered selves (although Brooke has periodic misgivings). No one really hangs out with them except a dumb jock na...

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A Walton Easter
Sixth Waltons reunion movie is set in 1969 featuring John-Boy as the TV news anchorperson in New York and he is in the throes of writing a new book. He and a very pregnant Janet are making plans to return to Walton's Mountain for the celebration of John and Olivia's 40th wedding anniversary. Accompa...

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