Jorja Fox

Real name: Jorja-An Fox
Nick name: Unknown (update information →)
Date of birth: July 7, 1968
Place of birth: New York, New York, USA
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: Unknown (update information →)
Father: Unknown (update information →)
Mother: Unknown (update information →)
Fan mail: Unknown (update information →)
Sex: F
Nationality: American
Education: Hoover Junior High in Indialantic, Florida
Profession: Actress, Musician
Eyes color: Unknown (update information →)
Natural hair color: Unknown (update information →)
Astrology Sign: Unknown (update information →)
Residence: Unknown (update information →)

Jorja Fox quotes

Jorja: (joking on her personal style) Usually I’m tired, I haven’t slept, I’m drinking six cups of coffee a day.

Jorja: (on how she unwinds) I love massage. That’s my big thing, even if I’m going to the spa, I’ll almost always go for the massage over any other treatment.

Jorja: (On Grissom revealing their relationship) Yea, I leave him alone for five minutes and he tells everyone that were having this fabulous little secret love affair...assuming that you know Sara makes it out ok, who knows ... (more Jorja Fox quotes)

Jorja Fox trivia

Jorja was nominated in 2007 for PETA’s “World’s Sexiest Vegetarian.”

When Jorja was modeling she was roommates with Paula Ciccone, younger sister of

In 2006, Jorja narrated a documentary Accidental Icon: The Real Gidget Story.

Jorja was nominated in 2006 for PETA’s “World’s Sexiest Vegetarian.”

The cast of... (more Jorja Fox trivia)

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