Jason O'Mara

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Jason O'Mara quotes

Jason: I don't sing or dance which probably stands in my favor, or I would have done some really nasty things in spangled G-strings by now.

Jason: (on his role in Space Truckers) I had my own Jet copter and I had to say, I took a hit, I said I'm hit, I've lost my rear stabilizers. Aaargh!

Jason: (regarding The Ageny and his wife, Paige) It was one of those shows about spies with sexual tension, and it seems like we sort of went over the side and brought it home with us.

Jason: In Justice isn'... (more Jason O'Mara quotes)

Jason O'Mara trivia

Jason recently completed filming on Resident Evil: Extinction in Baja, Mexico. His character is Albert Wesker. This is the second project Jason on which has worked with Paul W. S. Anderson, the director for the pilot Drift.

Jason and his wife, Paige Turco, have an apartment on the Upper West Side in New York City and a house on the Connecticut shore.

In an interview in Irish Voice with Sean Driscoll, Jason stated he has been trying to crack Hollywood for the past 12 years. He also discussed In... (more Jason O'Mara trivia)

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