Dominique Moceanu

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Dominique Moceanu quotes

(on her autobiography reaching #6 on the NY Times Bestseller List)
Dominique: It's great that people are reading it and enjoying it!

(on how her Olympic gold medal changed her life)
Dominique: I had proposals--people asking me to marry them and I was fourteen-years-old. I don't even know how to drive yet--why are you asking me this?!

(on her stress fracture)
Dominique: My whole world was crumbling. My Olympic dream was falling because of this injury!

(on all of the hype surrounding her bef... (more Dominique Moceanu quotes)

Dominique Moceanu trivia

When Dominique fell on her head during a balance beam tumbling pass at the 2006 Olympics, she amazed everyone by clinging tightly to the edge of the beam and standing up without falling off completely.

Dominique's autobiography An American Champion was #6 on the New York Times Bestseller List.

Dominique is the first gymnast to have her own bobblehead doll.

Was featured on a collectible calling card after the 1996 Olympic Games.

Dominique's favorite movies are Titanic, Goodwill Hunting and Ru... (more Dominique Moceanu trivia)

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