Chris Kattan

Real name: Christopher Lee Kattan
Nick name: Unknown (update information →)
Date of birth: October 19, 1970
Place of birth: Los Angeles, California, USA
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: Unknown (update information →)
Father: Unknown (update information →)
Mother: Unknown (update information →)
Fan mail: Unknown (update information →)
Sex: M
Nationality: American
Education: California State University, Northridge, California (studied directing)
Profession: Comedian
Eyes color: Unknown (update information →)
Natural hair color: Unknown (update information →)
Astrology Sign: Unknown (update information →)
Residence: Unknown (update information →)

Chris Kattan quotes

A party? Cool. That sounds awesome. I can drive. What time did you want to get there? We can go to some clubs beforehand.

I'm not Monte. My name is Chris.

I'm really a lot of fun but sometimes I wish I had been born a transexual goat. What are you guys doing tonight?

What's your name at least? I can find out where you live if you just give me your name. Jack something I think you said?

Yes, this is Mango himself. Listen I'm terribly busy and don't have time for a phone interview right now.... (more Chris Kattan quotes)

Chris Kattan trivia

Two shows Chris enjoys watching are America's Next Top Model and Extras.

Two countires Chris hasn't been to but would like to are France and Thailand.

If Chris could have two all expense paid things for a year they would be the soft drink 7-Up and the candy Pop Rocks.

Chris stands at 5 Feet 8 Inches or 1.73 millimeters tall.

Chris's favourite video game is Mrs. Pac-Man.... (more Chris Kattan trivia)

Chris Kattan filmography

Life couldn't be better for cartoonist Stu Miley. He has created a hit comic strip featuring Monkeybone, a petulant rascal with a penchant for wise cracks and racy antics. Stu, happy and in love with his beautiful girlfriend Julie is on the verge of big success, as his comic strip is about to become...

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Undercover Brother
Anton Jackson is an African-American man who seems harmless enough on the surface, but is a secret agent in the all-black Brotherhood, an entity that levels the playing field against the all-white establishment. Partnered with the sassy, stunning Sistah Girl, our hero must first undergo the ultimate...

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The Year Without a Santa Claus
Mrs. Claus tells us about the time Santa had a bad cold and decided to take a vacation from Christmas. Two of his elves, Jingle Bells and Jangle Bells decided to go out (with Vixen) to find children to convince Santa that the Christmas spirit is still important to everybody else. But they have to ge...

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